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While reminiscent of ancient English castles, our Castlestone combines a strength that remains true to our contemporary American lives. Castlestone is what many people think about when they try to recall a magnificent stone building of the Old Country. Its symmetry and order conjure up history, and because of that it moves us. Castlestone is available in three distinctive colors and adds flair to both residential and commercial projects.

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Chalk is medium-sized stone that combines chiseled looks with the structured simplicity and raw beauty of cut limestone. The strength and appeal of chalk lies in its versatility; working admirably in a variety of commercial and residential applications. It presents a perfect balance between symmetry and motion. Whether the choice is the darker hues of Apache or the light, airy look of Brazos, the effect is the same: an earthy feel of informal integrity.

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The perfect choice for groutless application, this medium-sized distinctive Drystack is quickly becoming our of our most popular styles. With Drystack you find "regular irregulartities" in length that give walls a look that conventional coverings cannot hope to achieve. Drystack combines the rugged charm of Ledgestone with a panel system that greatly simplifies the instillation process. Drystack is a great option for a host of architectural projects.

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The hearty feel and irregular presentation of Fieldstone make it at home in any atmosphere, be it in the city, the mountains or the countryside. The beautifully rugged patterns and rich textures are its trademarks and give any surface the look of strength and stability while maintaining and conveying warmth and comfort. Fieldstone is a classic, and for good reason.

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This medium-sized parallel stone is suitable both for expansive walls, indoor and out, and stylish fireplaces that can make an entire room or an entire house. The considerable popularity of Ledgestone lies in its rugged yet civilized qualities. Ledgestone connects us to a time of simplicity but is simultaneously able to bridge the gap to modern life. Extreme variations in stone size, thickness and texture create a strong dimensional contrast that captures both natural light and shadow, creating its own earthy show.

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