Q: What is Lone Star Stone?

A: Lone Star Stone is a manmade product that beautifully replicates nature, while having the advantages of being less expensive, easier to install and more versatile. It is a veneer, made from Portland cement, lightweight aggregates and mineral oxide colorings (all of which are basic components of natural stone). Lone Star Stone is in essence natural stone reformed.

Q: How heavy is Lone Star Stone?

A: About 8-10 pounds per square foot.

Q: How thick is Lone Star Stone?

A: One to three inches depending on style.

Q: Will Lone Star Stone fade?

A: Colors become an integral part of the stone during molding. Existing applications show no undesirable change in color after years of weathering.

Q: Does the color go all the way through?

A: Base color is blended throughout the entire stone. While color overtones are applied and integrated into the product during the molding process.

Q: Will the same stone appear repeatedly in a typical application?

A: Lone Star Stone is cast from hundreds of individual molds, essentially eliminating repetition.

Q: How does it compare in cost to natural stone?

A: Installed cost of Lone Star Stone can be a fraction of the installed cost of natural stone. It requires no footings, foundation or wall ties, so installation time is considerably reduced.

Q: How long will Lone Star Stone last? Is there a warranty?

A: Lone Star Stone will last as long as any good quality masonry material such as brick or concrete block. It carries a 30-year limited warranty. Details are in our brochure.

Q: Does Lone Star Stone meet Building Code requirements?

A: Lone Star Stone is designed to meet or exceed all applicable code requirements throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Q: Is Lone Star Stone safe for fireplaces?

A: Yes. Lone Star Stone has been tested and approved by Underwriters laboratories, and shown to have zero flame spread, zero fuel contributed and zero smoke developed.

Q: Can Lone Star Stone Be used on walkways or patios?

A: No. Lone Star Stone is not suitable for foot traffic. However it is often used as a decorative touch along with pavers in and around gardens, barbecues, fountain areas and other outdoor decorations.

Q: Can Lone Star Stone be used on exterior applications?

A: Yes. Lone Star Stone is perfect for both interior and exterior installations. Notice the many examples found in our photo album.

Q: Can Lone Star Stone be used around swimming pools?

A: We do not recommend it. Constant exposure to chlorine and other chemicals will effect the coloration and may contribute to product deterioration.

Q: What kind of surface is necessary for the application of Lone Star Stone?

A: Lone Star Stone can be installed over virtually any structurally sound surface. Consult our installation instructions for further details.

Q: How is Lone Star Stone installed?

A: Lone Star Stone is installed using regular type “N” or “S” Portland Cement mortar. Complete, easy to understand installation instructions are available upon request.

Q: Can Lone Star Stone be cut?

A: Yes. Lone Star Stone can be easily cut or trimmed with a masonry saw, wide-mouth nippers or a hatchet.

Q: To which applications do you recommend a masonry sealer be applied?

A: Sealing may aid in cleaning the stone surfaces.

Q: Will Lone Star Stone stain if my fireplace smokes?

A: Yes, just as any natural stone or brick will.

Q: Is any maintenance required?

A: Occasional rinsing (if desired) will remove surface dust and dirt.

Q: Are the stone colors in the brochure accurate?

A: They are as accurate as modern printing allows. However, we recommend you look at a sample before making your color decision.

Q: When I receive my stone will it be the same color as the sample?

A: Yes. However, Lone Star Stone often appears darker in color when first removed from the box. The stone will cure to its natural color shortly after installation.

Q: Are there any installations in my area that I may visit and examine?

A: The Lone Star Stone dealer in your area should be able to give you locations where Lone Star Stone has been installed. If not, you may call us toll-free at 1-888-377-8663.

Q: Where is Lone Star Stone manufactured?

A: Lone Star Stone is manufactured just outside of the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex.

Q: Where can I get some creative ideas about how to use Lone Star Stone inside and out?

A: Give us a call toll-free at 1-888-377-8663, or contact your local dealer. You’ll be amazed at how Lone Star can inexpensively transform a business or home, inside and out. Download PDF.

Q: Can you supply names and contact information of people who have used Lone Star Stone, even if it was years ago?

A: You bet. If there are privacy issues we’ll take your information and have our customers contact you.